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Undergraduate Students

Welcome! Undergraduate study is an enriching opportunity that allows you to explore your many interests through classwork and hands-on experience. The Office of Science Education Outreach (OSEO), Health Sciences, at the University of Pittsburgh is committed to guiding you along your journey of science exploration and professional career options in the health sciences. We are here to support your interest in biomedical science including biomedical research opportunities, finding a compatible mentor, and preparing you for graduate and/or professional school (Dental Medicine, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Health and Rehabilitation). The OSEO is here to support you along your academic and career paths in the health science fields.

The Office of Science Education Outreach (OSEO) provides opportunities for undergraduates to receive hands-on biomedical research training experiences under close supervision of world-class faculty mentors. This program is designed to prepare undergraduates to begin or further their studies in biomedical research and learn important skills to help prepare them for success in college and future careers in science and medicine.

Students (mentees) can work with a mentor on a research project during the academic year as well as during the summer

The research experience for undergraduate students will include both teaching sessions and hands-on research projects. Along with the mentee, the mentor will establish at least one educational goal and measureable learning outcome the mentee should expect to gain from this learning experience. At the end of the research experience, students will make an oral or poster presentation of the results of their research projects.

Biomedical Research – Gain Hands-on Experience

Explore the links below for some exciting research opportunities.

Research Experience Opportunities

Undergraduate Summer Research Programs

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the Health Sciences

Experience the creative life of the mind that is inspired by scientific inquiry and discovery.

You have already tested your academic interest in the sciences, perhaps you have been dreaming of being the individual who finds the cure for cancer or becoming a physician scientist, an individual who combines being a physician with being a researcher. You may be thinking ahead to pursing a graduate degree and creating new knowledge that will help provide the basis for improving human health.

If any or all of the above are areas that you have been thinking about it may be time for you to test the process of doing science by working in a top-ranked laboratory or clinical research program at the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences.

We invite you to explore the excitement of discovery in the biomedical sciences, clinical research, and transitional research at the University of Pittsburgh. You may wish to attend a summer research program where you can obtain an intensive research experience with a faculty mentor. Perhaps you are interested in a hands-on experience that is more customized to meeting your individual career goals and research talents. In this case you might wish to explore an independent research experience with one of the many talented and dedicated investigators at our top ranked research institution.

Building Your Individual Development Plan (IDP)

In progressing in your undergraduate program, it is important to be sure you are on track to graduate, but perhaps most importantly, also on track with your future career.  You must be prepared academically, as well as professionally.  To do this, you must set goals for yourself, prioritize, and follow the goals until the end.  Tools are available online that can help you to keep yourself on track as an undergraduate student.  Visit the helpful guide here that will assist you in writing these short-term, long-term, and life-long goals – and help you towards achieving your personal and professional goals – and an ideal career!


English Communication for Scientists is a brief guide on how to communicate more effectively in English, no matter how much previous experience you have. Although it was developed with non-native speakers of English in mind, it should prove useful for native speakers, too. Organized as six self-contained units, it will help you understand basic communication strategies and address various audiences (Unit 1); design and draft not only scientific papers (Unit 2) but also e-mail, resumes, and short reports (Unit 3); structure, support, and deliver oral presentations (Unit 4); create and present posters, chair sessions, and participate in panels (Unit 5); and prepare, run, and evaluate classroom sessions (Unit 6). Click here to learn more.

The University of Pittsburgh's Office of Enterprise Development (OED) is the business development arm of technology transfer at the University. The OED, in partnership with the Office of Technology Management, helps to develop start-up companies that use innovations developed by Pitt Innovators. Click here to learn more.

The SACNAS News showcases the science and diversity of SACNAS members while sharing their research, stories, and experiences. Click here to learn more.

IBM is pleased to announce that they will be running The Great Mind Challenge: Watson Technical Edition. Click here to learn more.

For Additional Information

The members of the Office of Science Education Outreach, Health Sciences, invite you to keep in touch. Please feel free to email or call the office with any questions, ideas or feedback you may have to improve our service to you.

If you are visiting or a student at the University of Pittsburgh, please stop by the Office of Science Education Outreach, Health Sciences, during normal business hours.

Contact Information:

Katie Rossi, Project Coordinator
Suite M-240 Scaife Hall
3350 Terrace Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Office: 412-648-9000 
Fax: 412-648-9065

For Faculty willing to host an undergraduate student for a reseach opportunity

If you are a faculty member in one of the six schools of the health sciences you are encouraged to post available research training experiences for undergraduate students. Please send an email to oseo@pitt.edu and staff in OSEO will assist you in posting the opportunity.

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