Mission and Goals

The Office of Science Education Outreach (OSEO), Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh is dedicated to providing opportunities and resources to enable students in high school, educators, teachers, parents, undergraduate students, and volunteers from the Schools of the Health Sciences to participate in “how science works.” By linking students to educational and training opportunities, they can explore the many possibilities of the world of science. OSEO is a trusted partner that provides guidance and a resource to parents, mentors, and teachers to helping the students on their way. By being committed to developing the next generation of future investigators, clinicians and citizens, OSEO hopes these future leaders will be inspired to appreciate of the value of the creative life that is inspired by scientific inquiry in the tradition of excellence for biomedical research at the University of Pittsburgh, Health Sciences.

Our Mission

The Office of Science Education Outreach, Health Sciences, at the University of Pittsburgh is committed to empowering students, their teachers, parents, and other community supporters, as well as volunteers from across the Schools of Health Sciences, to work as partners in exploring the opportunities of science, including careers in the discovery, dissemination, and translation of biomedical knowledge that will improve human health.


  1. Provide programs and resources for students in the Pittsburgh community, and beyond, that enables exploration of the process of scientific discovery while fostering curiosity and creativity, building knowledge of career opportunities in the health sciences, and encouraging a life-long appreciation of the impact of improving human health through biomedical research.
  2. Provide high quality science education resources and learning opportunities for teachers and parents in the local community, and beyond, to support their roles as educators prepare to inspire their students explore the process of scientific discovery and consider a wide range of career options in biomedical research, teaching, service and the delivery of health care.
  3. Facilitate opportunities for qualified undergraduate students at the University of Pittsburgh, and beyond, to participate in biomedical research training opportunities and career development with outstanding faculty mentors and the members of their research teams in the Health Sciences.
  4. Recognize and support the numerous contributions of students, staff and faculty in the Schools of the Health Sciences who participate in the science education programs as volunteers and serve as positive role models for the next generation of students, their teachers and community supporters.
  5. Serve as a national resource and model of excellence in science education outreach programs and services for other health sciences institutions.