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in·no·vate (n-vt) v.

to begin or introduce (something new) for or as if for the first time-The Free Dictionary by Farlex

Welcome! Our main goal is to help you develop informed and creative minds of the future – your students and children. Whether you are guiding a child as an educator and/or parent you have a vital role in encouraging young minds to expand their knowledge and consider new innovations that can improve human health. Together, let’s plant a seed and watch it grow.

As an innovator it is up to you to introduce or, in some cases reintroduce, new and stimulating ways for children and young people to look at science. The Office of Science Education Outreach, Health Sciences, is a source for innovative ideas and resources to get your students and children interested in science. Come partner with our office and begin to foster their lifelong interest in the many facets of science, and the endless possibilities that this dynamic subject has to offer.

For Teachers

As the field of science continuously changes, understanding new principles and an abundance of information can help encourage the growth of young minds of future scientists and investigators. The University of Pittsburgh offers educational opportunities for teachers interested in updating and renewing their passion for shaping the next generation of informed and creative minds.

For Parents

We recognize that you are critical in providing guidance and support to children who may have different levels of ability and interest in science.  Contact us to find out more about an array of science summer programs offered at the University of Pittsburgh and abroad.