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Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy (SciTech) Programs
with the University of Pittsburgh Office of Science Education Outreach, Health Sciences

The University of Pittsburgh Office of Science Education Outreach, Health Sciences (OSEO) is excited to present new ventures and partnerships with the Pittsburgh Public Schools Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy (SciTech).  It is our pleasure to bring high school students from SciTech and our world-renowned faculty together in an innovative way that promotes creativity and learning in the sciences.  We are committed to empowering the next generation of creative and informed minds through science education, the advancement of new technologies and scientific discovery.  Through our partnership with SciTech, high school students will have the opportunity for enriching experiences in scientific inquiry and in the implementation and dissemination of research findings to improve human health.

SciTech, which is part of the Pittsburgh Public School District, has tailored its curriculum for students who have a passion for science, technology, engineering or math by developing their skills for careers in life science, environmental science, computing or engineering.  This unique learning environment is committed to encouraging their students to set goals and generate ideas, research and discover answers, design and test real solutions for the kinds of real-world problem that they’ll face after graduation.  Located in the heart of Oakland, SciTech is in walking distance to the University of Pittsburgh campus – this location provides ready access to world class resources in science, technology, engineering and math.

Programs Organized Jointly by SciTech and OSEO

SciTech Executive Experience

Executive Experience is a required field-based internship for 12th grade students from the Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy (SciTech).  This capstone experience is designed to provide students with an authentic research experience while developing collaboration skills.  We anticipate over twenty-five highly motivated students will experience activities in research programs at the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences under the mentorship and guidance of the faculty.  

Learn more about SciTech Executive Experience.

If you are a faculty member interested in hosting a highly motivated high school student for their SciTech Executive Experience, please visit our SciTech Executive Experience page to post a research project/activity that might be available.


The SciTech SCIENCE FORUM is a dynamic science education partnership between the Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy (SciTech) and the University of Pittsburgh, Schools of the Health Sciences.  This is an exciting venue for students, in grades 9-11, to learn more about scientific inquiry and discovery while also introducing them to an array of potential career choices in the many fields of science and technology.  Each month students from SciTech arrive at the University of Pittsburgh campus to attend an interactive seminar presented by Pittsburgh’s top research faculty and other guest speakers.

Learn more about SciTech SCIENCE FORUM

SciTech Junior Investigators

High school students attending Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy (SciTech) who have completed a research project or other advanced learning project may be invited to share their experience.  Each of the featured students describe in their own words the challenges and opportunities of their extracurricular activity.

Visit the video links below to watch the high level of accomplishment that each of these talented Junior Investigators achieved.  We hope you enjoy meeting these greatly accomplished and motivated high school students and future science professionals.  

View the video links and learn more about the 2011-2012 SciTech Junior Investigators.


If you have questions about any of the programs mentioned on this page or have a general inquiry, staff members in the University of Pittsburgh Office of Science Education, Health Sciences, are available to meet with you in person or via email communication.  We will do our best to address your questions and provide you with appropriate information.

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