Science Buddies

Science Buddies

Welcome to Science Buddies! You have come to the right place if you are curious about how to become a scientist or other health-related professional. You will not just meet one interesting and dynamic individual – but at least two individuals as Science Buddies will highlight the importance of mentoring. Moreover, we hope that Science Buddies will give you a better sense of the people who do research and, perhaps, you will see just how similar these talented students, postdoctoral fellows, clinical residents and dedicated faculty are to you (back when you were still figuring out the answer to the question” What Will I Be When I Grow Up”.


Michelle Lee and Dr. Bruce Lee Video

Why Mentoring

Why is mentoring so important to a career in science or the health-related professions? Science and career options in the health sciences can be difficult to sort out when you are student. So to help get the best, latest and greatest information, sometimes talking to someone who is already where you are thinking of going can be tremendous help and ensure that your career journey as a professional is successful.

So…You can be a mentee (the one who is seeking guidance and support and asking great questions) or you can be mentor (the one who shares their expertise and experience to provide guidance and support and also asking great questions). As you read the Science Buddies stories, notice that no two mentees and mentors are alike – and yet they come together to help build a satisfying and successful future. The key words here are “partnership” and “colleagues”. Careers in science, medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, rehabilitation sciences, public health and engineering, to name a few, are so complex and often take many years of training. So read Science Buddies and see if you can discover and understand how the mentee is learning from the mentor. (Hint – sometimes the mentors learns even more than the mentee).

We are confident that you will be impressed with the energy, dedication, talent and creativity of our mentee-mentor pairs! Please enjoy their stories, and think how mentoring can assist you!