Mystery Photo Feature

Among the key tools that help to unlock the mysteries of how things work, including our bodies, are the amazing advances that are now available in biological imaging. Routinely, scientists and clinicians utilize a wide range of tools in the field of microscopy – tools that range from basic light microscopy, confocal microscopy, and many other microscopy tools that enable us to “see inside” a living cell. The images often have a unique beauty and may even appear like works of art. It is important to recognize that the ability to understand health and diseases in the biomedical sciences often depends on new advances in biological imaging technology that are coupled to biological imaging.

The Mystery Photo is designed to share the excitement of science and the discovery process in order to help you better understand “how science works.” So check out the interesting image that is featured as the Mystery Photo. See if you can guess what the subject of the photographic image is - and also read more about the image and how it was made. Keep in mind that the images may be everyday objects – but ones that need magnification to see new details.

We invite you to visit the Mystery Photo to learn more about the exciting world of science. As the images will change, be sure to come back often to see what new discovery awaits your next visit. We hope you will enjoy the images and more about seeing the world in a unique creative way!

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How is the Mystery Photo constructed?

A team of scientists, engineers and staff have collaborated as The Mystery Photo Team. Essential to the Mystery Photo is the generous input provided by the members of the Center for Biologic Imaging at the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences. The CBI is a world renowned center for developing some of the most sophisticated and sensitive imaging tools for understanding the biology of cells and tissues and human health. The scientists, students, and staff at the CBI are experts in the application and use of a variety of imaging modalities – and they understand the intricacies of computer science that is essential to undertake state-of-the-art imaging.

Each image selected for inclusion as a Mystery Photo has been carefully reviewed by the Mystery Photo Team. The type of microscopy utilized for capturing the image will be briefly described as well as important technical details such as the degree of magnification and/or computer enhancements used to obtain the final image. A brief description of the function of the image as it fits into the world of biomedical sciences will also be included. We hope these images will stimulate your imagination and your curiosity to learn more about your world.